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Our skincare formulas are designed to get your skin in the best shape of its life and boost your mood with ingredients that will literally change your mind!

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Garrigue Body Oil


Garrigue is the name given to the sun-baked hills above the Mediterranean in Provence.


  • Deeply moisturising and nourishing. 
  • Penetrates skin well due to its similarity to 'sebum' which is the skin's natural oil so it's not greasy.
  • Naturally contains magnesium, a mineral that can be absorbed topically and promotes relaxation.
  • An aroma with ingredients when inhaled lower cortisol levels, boost happiness hormones (serotonin) and promote relaxation. 

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"I am so pleased I found Desavery. The smells across all the products are so beautiful and my skin has never looked better. Whatever you are doing, keep on doing it."

Siobhan K.Toronto, Canada

"Best hyaluronic acid out there. I am convinced. It dried very quickly and it's one of those rare products where I really CAN see a difference.

Mary C.Santa Barbara, California

"Just wanted to drop a line to say how happy I am with Desavery products! Best products I’ve used yet and there’s been many! Congrats"

Joanne B.Calgary, Alberta


Facial Massage

Facial Massage

Reduce tension in your face, drain your lymph nodes, brighten your skin tone, these are just a few of the benefits of facial massage. You can do it on yourself as you apply facial oil. Beata Aleksandrowicz, the champion of facial massage, shows us how and explains how it all works. Lesson start 1.34 minutes in.

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The Best Skincare is Free

The Best Skincare is Free

From the bestseller list with books like “Why We Sleep” to podcasts, and sleep apps, we're all chasing sleep. But what about sleep and skin? Well, sleep might just be the most effective skincare product you never need to buy. A 2020 study took 32 women in their forties, got them to sleep 8 hours for six nights and then only 4 hours during the second week. Researchers compared their...

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It's What's Inside that Counts

It's What's Inside that Counts

We do things differently at Desavery. All of our products are hand-blended by us using ingredients sent from all over the world. We know all of our producers and are obsessed with finding the 'best' of every single ingredient.

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