Desavery adheres to the strict rules that regulate cosmetics in the EU, which has the highest international standards. Our products are registered with the European Union cosmetic product notification portal and we will continue to follow these very strict rules. In addition to these high standards around product manufacturing and the banning of animal testing, we also follow our own company guidelines. At Desavery we carefully source all of our ingredients and can trace each batch number and know the origin, processing method, processing date and shipment date for each of our ingredients. Whenever possible we use certified organic ingredients  and we choose not to use any synthetic chemical ingredients or any ingredients that are not derived from plants.


You may notice that there are minor variations in the colour and aroma of some of our products. We blend and produce our products by hand with natural plant ingredients of the highest quality. Please accept this slight variation as reassurance that the products are made with completely natural ingredients and just like food, there are slight variations which might slightly change the colour and aroma of the final products.


If you are unsure about which products would be best for you, then please get in touch via team@desavery.co.uk so we can help you. We’ve created products that are particularly suitable for sensitive skin, however everyone skin is different and  it might be that some of the components within our natural ingredients just don’t suit your skin. We recommend patch testing our products for the first time you use them and give them a few hours to settle. Should your skin react negatively to any of our products, discontinue use.


If you have any allergies, please have a look at our ingredients list to ensure that you are not inadvertently using any products that you are allergic to. If you are undergoing any medical treatment or are pregnant then please consult your doctor before you use the products.


Clary sage is an ingredient in our Stellar Daily Serum and in our Smooth Hyaluronic Acid (with Clary Sage and Bergamot). We don’t advise using clary sage during pregnancy. If you are pregnant or planning on getting pregnant then we suggest our Pure Daily Serum which contains no essential oils, or LIT! Daily Serum and the SMOOTH Hyaluronic Acid with Lime and Geranium instead.