Smooth Hyaluronic Acid with Clary Sage & Bergamot


A pure plant-based hyaluronic acid that hydrates and plumps skin for a healthy smooth complexion.

Lightweight and silky smooth, this hyaluronic acid has a high molecular weight so it's easily absorbed into the top layer of the skin where it deeply hydrates and prevent moisture loss throughout the day. Clary sage and bergamot adds a mild and calming aroma.

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  • works across every skin type.

  • despite being called an ‘acid’ it’s soothing and suitable for sensitive skin.

  • by plumping skin, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced.

  • paired with an oil or moisturiser it’s part of a simple two-step routine that boosts skin health by introducing hydration before moisturising.


The compound absorbs many times its weight in water and when applied to a slightly damp face, it acts like a sponge, plumping the skin's surface to minimise small wrinkles, smoothing your complexion.

Clary sage and bergamot are uplifting, calming and grounding. They have natural astringent and antioxidant properties that tone and firm skin and provide protection from free radicals (which age skin).

Smooth is suitable for oily skin by boosting hydration which helps with oil regulation. For dry skin, it's a big drink of water for your complexion.


SODIUM HYALURONATE - ours is plant-based and processed in a lab by fermenting plant material. 


Aqua, Sodium hyaluronate**, Benzyl Alcohol, Salicylic Acid**, Glycerin**, Sorbic Acid**, Salvia sclarea (clary sage) oil*, Citrus bergamia (bergamot) oil*.

*certified organic / ** derived from plants ingredients / not recommended during pregnancy / not tested on animals/ vegan

Apply a drop about the size of your thumbnail and massage into damp skin (perfect after a shower). It’s silky and light so dries very quickly. Seal in all the moisture with a moisturising facial oil.


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