DESAVERY started with a challenge: develop pure, plant-based products to improve performance, mood and cognition while offering superb skincare at the same time. DESAVERY’S founder, Andrea Dinnick came up with this challenge after coming across scientific evidence about how plant oils impact the body’s biochemistry. That got her thinking, could she create skincare products that provided excellent skincare with mood boosting qualities? The challenge was on and a few years later the first DESAVERY were launched.

“I learned skin is like any other part of the body. It can be improved. For years we all thought the brain couldn’t develop after a certain age or that we became less healthy and fit as we get older. We know now that is simply not true.”

She created a list of criteria that was needed to make skin healthy: high levels of antioxidants for protection from pollution, stimulation of cell renewal, intense nourishment and deep hydration. In her search for the perfect ingredients she made the decision to be guided by efficacy and ignore availability and price, Her research pointed to prickly pear seed oil as a key ingredient. It has some of the highest antioxidants, tocopherols and fatty acids in any plant oil and its ethnobotanical history was long and rich. “I met with farmers in Mexico and Greece but eventually discovered a wonderful organisation in Morocco where I directly source the oil. It’s so fresh, it’s usually pressed within a week of my order.”

The mood boosting element was the other aspect of each product. “A little bit like the skincare elements, I reverse engineered the products by looking at the results I was after.

“I wanted to create that feeling you get after meditation or a great yoga class when those alpha waves are active in your brain”.

Ingredients like bergamot, clary sage, vetiver and spikenard all made their way into the formulas and eventually I developed serums for the day and a cleanser for night to create a full skincare product line that would be mood boosters throughout the day. It’s been a complete pleasure to create these products and I must thank my talented sister, Sarah Dinnick who is the amazing designer who pulled the branding and product design together. I hope you enjoy the products as much as I have had in creating them.


Andrea Dinnick

Andrea Dinnick

Andrea Dinnick