Our Products

Vegan, organic, cruelty-free with no added synthetic chemicals or fragrances, our products are all about harnessing the power of plants. We directly source the ingredients from our suppliers around the world and we make small batches of each product so our ingredients are as fresh and potent as possible.

Which product

LIT! and STELLAR are our two serums that both contain prickly pear, rosehip and camellia seed oils and are formulated to deliver the optimum amount of antioxidants, polyphenols, fatty acid and other nutrients. As far as ‘skincare efficacy’ they are both excellent and almost identical. The difference between LIT! and STELLAR is the aroma and ‘mood boosting’ ingredients. LIT!, with yuzu, lime and geranium has a bright, citrus aroma and gives an energising boost and well, ‘lit’ feeling. STELLAR on the other hand has an uplifting vibe with its bergamot but also has a calm and grounding effect with clary sage and bergamot. I’d say LIT! is about ‘get up and go’ whereas STELLAR is about ‘rise and sparkle’.

Our SMOOTH Hyaluronic Acid comes in two versions: one with Lime and Geranium which goes nicely with LIT! and one with Clary Sage and Bergamot that has some of the same ingredients as STELLAR. Of course, you can mix and match but they have each been designed to work with a corresponding oil.

DREAM is our oil cleanser formulated to keep your skin healthy by protecting your microbiome (the diverse bacterial colony you are unknowingly hosting on your face!) which is important as it’s this layer that boosts your skin’s ability to hold moisture.

Discovery Boxes

These are a great way to experience DESAVERY products and enjoy the two roller remedies that come in each box. Our STELLAR box features our STELLAR daily serum and SMOOTH Hylaluronic Acid along with RESET, a roller for hormone balance and SWEET, a mood remedy (for when you’re not feeling too sweet). The LIT! box features the STELLAR daily serum and SMOOTH Hyaluronic Acid with SHARP, a roller for focus and MELT for headaches and tension. We sell all of our roller remedies separately too.

A great way to start with DESAVERY is to try one of our DISCOVERY boxes or TRIO, a cost-saving bundle which offers a complete skincare routine.


Save over $25.00 when you buy the trio. The only three products you need for a simple and highly effective skincare routine.

SMOOTH HYALURONIC ACID with Clary Sage and Bergamot, 20 ML

Our plant-based hyaluronic acid, has a low molecular weight so it’s easily absorbed by the skin. It’s silky, smooth and water-based. It dries very quickly leaving skin soft, hydrated and dewy.


Prickly pear seed oil is the main ingredient in addition to rosehip and camellia seed oil. This combination of plant oils delivers a powerful formula of compounds thatn nourishes, brightens and hydrates. Our users have remarked at how fast absorbing this oil serum is. Bergamot, clary sage and frankincense are all mood boosters so you feel great when you use STELLAR.


Camellia and castor oil work together to deep clean pores without wiping away any of the precious microbiome which maintains skin’s health. Spikenard, bergamot and ylang ylang will have you feeling sleepy to create a perfect end of the day ritual.