Gua Sha Stone


Adapted from traditional Chinese medicine, the Gua Sha stone is a massage tool that tones the face, promotes tissue drainage and boosts circulation for glowing skin.


  • Helps skin absorb the nutrients in the facial oil more deeply.

  • This technique can help reduce wrinkles, tone and smooth skin, reduce puffiness and boosts collagen production. 

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The concept works on the skin from the inside out by relieving the stagnant energy trapped in the fascia (connective tissues). 

The sequence of Gua Sha movements relaxes the neck muscles which in turn relax facial muscles, boost blood circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage.

The movements open up energy channels leaving skin glowing and healthy. 

Material: Jade Stone

Cotton/linen drawstring bag

Apply facial oil to your skin and gently move the stone across your face. Use your intuition about what feels good and work on areas where you feel you might be holding tension. The jawline is a good place to start. Start from your chin and sweep outwards.

Use the curves of the stone to reach the curves of your face: under and above cheekbones, above eyes and across your forehead and around your mouth. Sweeping motions from the centre of your face and then following through down your neck is a good way to help with lymphatic drainage. 

You don't need to press hard and make sure you glide the stone across your skin so you don't pull or stretch your skin.