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Rewild Your Skin

Rewild Your Skin

Why rewilding your skin could be your fastest route to glowing, healthy skin.

 Biodiversity in nature is easy to understand: the more variety in an eco-system, the healthier and stronger that environment will be.

Thanks to a growing body of research into our body’s microbiome, we now have a greater understanding of the role these organisms play in our skin’s health. A healthy and diverse collection of microbiota mixed with keratin, enzymes, fatty acids and ceramides all work together to create a healthy and strong skin barrier. It’s an amazing eco-system that keeps skin moisturised, protected from harmful bacteria, and keeps our cells renewing and healthy so that we can hold onto moisture, produce collagen, discard and renew cells for a clear and glowing complexion.

Just like we know not to mess with nature, we’re learning it’s the same with skin. Anything we do that degrades our skin barrier means we are disrupting that natural operating system and that can cause skin to look dull or in more severe cases it leads to inflammation, acne, or even dermatitis (a reactive, red rash).  Supporting these systems, feeding them supplements that make them stronger is where skincare is now heading. The idea is a wholistic approach that literally boosts your skin’s health from the inside out and it’s this concept that Desavery products have been developed.

 At Desavery we believe that products that support skin’s health and boost the compounds that create healthy skin is the best route to glowing skin, whatever your age.  We call it getting your skin in the best shape of its life!

 Here’s how to start rewilding your skin:

Cleansing. Don’t overdo it. You probably need to cleanse just once in the evening.* Use a low-alkaline cleanser and avoid products with fragrance or anything that will ‘strip’ your precious microbiome. An oil cleanser will cleanse your skin and at the same time ‘top up’ moisture leaving skin soft and supple.  

Avoid using lots of products. You don’t need them and your skin really doesn’t want them. A study by the non-profit Environmental Working Group found the average US woman applies 168 different ingredients in one day through skincare. Your skin will literally ‘tire’ from having to process all of these ingredients.

 Stick with a minimal but effective skincare routine. Use one that doesn’t contain a lot of different ingredients. The Desavey Skincare Routine is delivers a full spectrum of nutrients within the plant ingredients (think healthy foods with lots of different vitamins and minerals).  It’s a minimal routine, effective ingredients, with nothing synthetic added.

 Good food. Make sure you get enough nutrients that will support healthy skin. Selenium (brazil nuts, and broccoli), Vitamin E (almond and avocado), Zinc (shellfish and grains).

 A nourishing facial oil. With the right ingredients this can be feed that skin barrier. We love prickly pear seed oil for its Vitamin K, Vitamin E, high levels of antioxidants. Rosehip seed oil contains a natural retinoid while Meadowfoam Seed Oil is similar to your own sebum and has high levels of fatty acids all of which will strengthen the skin barrier.

 Use the Gua Sha massage tool. It will help these nutrients penetrate skin more effectively and encourage blood flow keeping everything moving.